WWDC 2021 Overview – What’s New?

First Impressions (Live)

I really didn’t know what to expect, I saw animojis with messages. One stuck out though, something about open-sourcing the future? Is Apple going to go and open-source everything they’ve got? I also saw a lot of hints about something related to developer products as some of the animojis said messages like “Who is coding rn?”. This makes sense as this is a developer event. I remember feeling the hype and then, it started.

What’s Coming in IOS 15

Apple wants people to “stay connected” with the app named Facetime. That’s why they introduced a lot of new features! Starting with spatial audio which is supposed to give the sense that you are talking face to face with someone. Then there is voice isolation a feature created with machine learning to isolate background sounds. There is also UI updates to Facetime too like grid view so that you can see everyone from a meeting on your phone. And the feature I am most excited about from Facetime, is portrait mode! This allows you to use the same technology the camera app uses for portraits for video calling. You can also now schedule events/meetings, even use the brand new feature Apple is calling share play. Where you can show music and media, with the ability to share your screen! Share play should have an easy-to-use API for devs so that third-party support can be made possible.

For the Messages app, Apple changed how media will look when you receive something. For instance, photos can now be put into a little collage form before sending. There is also now the shared with you utility that shows media you were sent on a separate page. Finally received photos will automatically fall into your library.

In my opinion, Focus is a game-changer. Allowing you to add lots of statuses. But how is this a game-changer? Well, this status will show in messages so when you are trying to iMessage someone a status may show like bedtime, working, do not disturb, and more! Furthermore, you can add a Focus widget to your home screen, and with intelligence to find if you want to activate focus (like if you’re in the gym).

Photos have also received a major update, where you can now select text, phone numbers, and even website links! But not just for photos you have downloaded on your phone but also on websites! Also coming in photos is a revamped version of memories found in the “for you” tab. Where it could be animated and you can add whatever music you want. Sort of like a montage.

Apple wallet can now understand bus tickets, store your driver’s license and other pieces of ID, unlock your house like a virtual key, and more coming soon!

The Weather app received a UI update making it better and more of a sleek look.

Apple Maps was where I did not hear the event so clearly although here is what I understood. There is going to be a whole new map? That is slowly being rolled out, with a new interactive globe, new details like more building being showed, and a brand new dark mode. Transit riders were not excluded here though, as there are features coming up such as showing you where to leave your method of transportation, now with also augmented reality in some places. Once again the augmented reality for maps feature is being slowly rolled out.


In the Mail App, you can choose the option Mail Privacy Protection to prevent third parties to find your information like public IP from emails. App privacy report is a feature now in settings that you can see what app checked your data and how many times. On-device speech recognition for Siri. Meaning that Siri will be able to comprehend what you are saying without phoning home. For iCloud, you can recover your iCloud data from your family by asking other family members that are using Apple devices by requesting access. You can now generate random emails that go to your inbox.


Airpods conversation boost, allows it to make it easier to hear conversations, remove ambient noise, announce notifications (Siri tells you important notifications), and you can now find with finding my technology, separation alert when lose, now with TV OS.

What’s new in iPadOS?

iPadOS 15 is being released, and here’s what’s up. Widgets are now a thing for iPads (is also on iPhone from before) and have the ability to move them. With also including new Widgets like to track your parcels! Another new feature to iPad but already on iPhone is the App Library, where you can find all the apps you have installed.

To help organize your pages, say hello to Split View and other new page organizing utilities, also with Shelf for easy access to all open pages that you have. The new auto-translate feature can detect what language someone is speaking in, and translate it to a language you can understand. The brand new app to apps called Swift Playground.


There is a lot to know about here, and this isn’t even the whole list! I for one am impressed at the necessary features Apple has implemented into their devices. Thank you for reading this post until the end, I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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