Windows Update 21H2 – What to Expect

Major updates to the Windows 10 Operating system happens every six months, and that’s not a surprise whatsoever. It’s totally normal for this to happen although the next update (21H2) is going to be a bit more important than usual. Here’s why.

What is 21H2 Anyways?

It’s how Microsoft identifies major updates, for example, 21H2 is a short form for 2021 – Half 2. Since there are two major updates annually, this is how they label updates. There are also codenames like Cobalt and Iron. It’s pretty interesting just how many codenames there are, so if you want to find out more check it out here.

21H2 or codename Sun Valley is set to release in late 2021.

Windows 10X – Explained for Context

It’s an operating system dedicated to more futuristic technology for laptops, dual-screen laptops. No keyboards, no nothing just dual-screen. Many companies have already started to create devices like this, and Microsoft pitched in and said they could make an operating system for it. It was going to be an operating system with many more features than Windows 10, it was going to be cool.

How Does Windows 10X Connect to Any of This?

Windows 10X was a project, but not anymore as it’s been scrapped. Why? No one knows as no official statement as to why was announced. Although what Microsoft did say is that the core features will be implemented into the current big Microsoft operating system, Windows 10. See how the dots connect? Some of these features were supposed to be updated with 21H1 although looks like they pushed it back.

What Kinds of Features Should We Expect?

Please note that these features are a possibility, and could be cut off at any moment.

– Battery Usage Statistics For Laptops

– General UI (User Interface) Update

– New Personalization Options

– Easier multitasking

– Ability to uninstall Windows 10 Bloatware without using third party software

– Much more


Updates in general can be hyped up too much and especially in this case, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much as they can push all this even more back with a snap. By contrast, I for one am excited for more personalization options to customize even more than possible. And with that like always thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon!

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