How I Was Utterly Wrong About (Some) Prebuilds

You read the title right, I once again changed my mind on (some) prebuilds. In a recent blog post, I explained how I thought I was being dominated by listings on Amazon Canada. Today in this blog post, I’m going to prove myself wrong. How you can save money by building and not buying prebuilds.

Don’t get me wrong here, prebuilds are great for people that don’t want to get their hands dirty. I thought that prebuilds were a better value for the price. Although after tons of research some I found myself, I concluded with an interesting conclusion. You see, after making that blog post at 1 a.m., I did a little research before going to sleep. I was doing some Googling on Amazon prebuilds and stumbled upon an interesting video. The video was all about how Amazon prebuilds are a SCAM. Now, you might be thinking that I just took the word for it and left. No! I actually thought the video was a scam at first although there was this one part that changed everything in my mind. Everything I thought about prebuilds. How companies I promoted in blogs before, breached community guidelines.

Yes, you heard me right, BREACHED community guidelines made by Amazon. To understand how I found this, you have to understand the part of that video that changed everything. That users were bribed to make an “honest” review with 10 dollar Amazon gift cards. If you think for a second that I’m lying straight to your face, check it for yourself! Choose any prebuild in Amazon, and search in the reviews the words “gift card”. Nearly definitely one person will spill the tea, that they got a 10 dollar Amazon Gift Card. Here’s an example to prove it in the pc I was considering purchasing:

What’s surprising about this problem is that we barely hear about it anywhere! The reviews influenced a decision which I’m sure others did too get influenced by these reviews. Would you call this a scam? Write in the comments below! I will be reporting this to Amazon Canada directly and giving them the link to this blog post, in the meanwhile spread the word about this and to anyone considering purchasing a PC. Once again, I want to urge that I don’t have anything against prebuilds although I will not support products that are mislead. The blog post that I explained my opinion on prebuilds will have a statement at the top that it has a follow up to read.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time, bye! If you have any questions or concerns please do contact me at

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