Okay, so you probably know a few Windows Operating System versions right? If you are not sure examples of these are Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Although, have you ever about other Windows 10 Editions? This is what I’ll try to explain in today’s post and hopefully, after reading you learned something ????

Windows 10 Home

Let’s start with talking about Windows 10 Home, the most popular edition of them all and usually always comes preinstalled with OEM devices. (More on OEM another time) It has all the features most need like: Windows Hello, Device Encryption, Internet Protection, Secure Boot, Windows Defender Antivirus and more.

Honestly, there are not many cons about Windows 10 Home. Although note the word almost. Like I explained before, it’s perfect for most. Comparing Windows 10 Home with taking Windows 10 Pro, for instance, it does lack some features. If you want to see where I am comparing all of this check out this link to a page Microsoft made to prove that I’m not just making this up. You can look that what’s lacking from Windows 10 Home. Take, for example, Bitlocker which is a deal-breaker for some as they want extra encryption on their storage devices.

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Windows 10 Pro

So you have seen me compare in the last paragraph Windows 10 Home with Windows 10 Pro. Why is this? Well, the short answer is that Windows 10 Pro is like the upgraded versions of Windows 10 Home. If you follow the link from before you can see that Windows 10 Pro has all that Windows 10 Home has and more. An example of this is taking a look at the Business Management and Deployment section, you can see that Windows 10 Home does not have any of the features. But look, it’s not like everyone has to deploy custom versions of Windows 10.

Now, this topic is starting to change from household uses to business purposes. Although if we talk business here, is Windows 10 Pro really the best option?

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Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

This is where it really gets interesting. Sadly the link I showed before does not have this edition, so I found a different link. This is far from home users now. We have landed on territory IT Professionals use. It’s once again an upgraded edition of something. In this case, it’s an upgrade from Windows 10 Pro. (Well, obviously) It has tools definitely no home user needs like persistent memory. Although if you think this is the best version for IT pros. Once again, Microsoft has outdone themselves to make another edition for management.

Windows 10 Enterprise

This is starting to really get out of hand. Have to be honest here I think this edition and the one before should have been merged into one. This is for the IT Gods. Not much more although there are Windows Virtual Desktop Use Rights. Which is described as: “A desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud.” Sooo, cloud virtual machines? I guess so.

Windows 10 for Education

This is going to be the last one I will be covering today, although 7 more different versions you can look up. I found a Wikipedia Page I recommend checking out if you are interested. Anyways, this edition has even more tools than Windows 10 Home and kinda obvious it’s meant for education. The Wikipedia Page actually has a comparison chart that you can use to see exactly what there and what’s not.


Lot’s of editions means lots of options. Before purchasing a key to any of these editions be sure to do your research to ensure it has all the features you need. If it doesn’t maybe consider investing a little more to get all you require out of your tech.

Like always, thank you for reading and if you have any questions or concerns direct them to vladinttech@gmail.com

See you all next time!

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